Goldwing Motorbike Display


The Gold Wing Owners Club of Ireland will display an array of Gold Wing motorbikes from noon on Saturday 25th July 

Gold Wings have been part of the Irish scene since 1976, but difficulty with spare parts and some bad ‘bike press’ kept their popularity from spreading. With the arrival of the GL1100 more people became Gold Wing owners and although some of us had heard of GWOCGB and their magazine ‘Wing Span’ we had little contact with them or any other club.

Then Peter Ward from Cork met Dave Horner while he was on a trip to Britain. Sometime later we had cause to contact Harry Ward of Wing World, President of GWOGB when a British Wing owner broke down while on holiday in Ireland.

At the Harp Rally in 1984 Margaret Nolan and Margaret O’Regan got together and talked about the possibility of starting an Irish Gold Wing Club. In 1985 the Hooded Cloak Rally was the first rally of the year on the Irish scene. A number of Gold Wing owners from Ireland and abroad were expected to attend. So it was, nearly a decade after the first Gold Wing came to Ireland that the inaugural meeting of the Gold Wing Owners Club of Ireland was held. Those present were Margaret O’Regan, Andy Deane, Margaret and Robert Nolan. Despite the short notice Philip and Barbra Arundel, Keith Rigley and Alan Barbour of the GWOCGB came to wish us luck and give us moral support. A committee was elected and a simple constitution was worked out.

Over the next few years the club grew from where it was still small enough to have our AGM in each other’s homes, to what it is today. In addition to our annual Treffen we held poker runs and Wing Dings/Dropouts (club weekends). In those pre-internet days we also issued a newsletter a couple of times a year and an annual membership list. Together with the Irish Motorcycle Action Group we organized an annual motorcycle show in Cork, where thanks to club member Philip Arundel we had the first GL1500 on show. Honda, who took a stand at the show, were unable to get one in time. Some of our members became instructors with the new Star Rider Scheme after receiving training from members of British motorcycle police trainers.

It is hoped that our history will continue to develop. Thanks to all the people who helped us in the past and we look forward to a bright future for the club.

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